Jiangmen underground metal detectors for the first time to use test installation

2020-06-19 263

Indoor test and the matters needing attention

(1) remove the wearing watches, rings and other jewelry, and then put the probe in wooden or plastic on the table.

(2) adjust the detecting point of view the disk plate parallel to the ceiling.

Note: do not on the floor of the building test probe. There is metal in most of the buildings on the floor, they would disturb the test objects, or completely mixed signals.

(3) where about 5 cm away from detection plate moving the information you want to test samples (such as a gold ring or a coin).

Jiangmen underground metal detector


Detection plate can't stop the object detection, because you didn't use the probe to find scanning at the moment, so you must move the object of the test. If you can use the money to test, handheld coin flat (not side) to make it parallel to detect plate, detection will be more simple test and outdoor use.

(1) outside looking for a no metal area.

(2) will you want to detect samples, such as gold ring or a coin on the floor, (if you use the test of precious metals such as gold, the storage area be marked for easy to find later. Don't put the samples on the tall grass or trees).

(3) a handheld probe, make detection plate parallel to the ground, 2.5 5 cm in place above the sample area to move slowly to edge to edge detection plate (moving) lookup

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