The development process of metal detector door

2020-06-19 262

Metal detector consists of security, portable hand-held metal detectors, metal detectors, desktop metal detectors, metal detectors and underwater metal detectors used in industry. In 1960, the world's first metal detector was born, the first metal detector is mainly applied to GongKuangYe, its function is used to check the purity of mineral, the progress. Later with the development of the society, the social security is becoming more and more bad, so metal detector was introduced a new application field, the security check, this is the metal detector door was born, and the rendering of metal detector door means human cognition has stepped into a new era of security.

After decades of development, metal detector also experiences the change detection ability of several generations, from prior to the early signal imitation skills until today by using digital pulse, reform of metal detector has a lot of skills, resolution, sensitivity, detection accuracy and work performance have a qualitative leap. And its application range is also becoming more and more widely, it can be seen in many industry.

Jiangmen metal detector door

Is first in the 70 s, aviation industry is rapidly developed, and the hijacking and dangerous things happen gradually to let airlines and airport security has received the notice, and the metal detector door plays an important role in his luggage the prohibited item. Later, because my torso in the outstanding performance of the airport security, gradually, some big games (such as the Olympics) exposition and the government in the important part of the security work is beginning to enable metal detector door slowly.

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