The origin of the jiangmen metal detector handheld metal detectors

2020-06-19 257

In places such as railway stations, airports, court, we often can see the subject's hands holding a handheld metal detectors, we are familiar with the title, however, whether you also heard of portable metal detector?

The origin of the portable metal detector:

Actually called many different kinds of metal detection equipment, some body planning large equipment is also called metal detector, but these devices may not apply to security operations, such as ground type, needle detector machine, and so on, all have the height of features, and we all know, security operations, ShouJian process is to close the scanner, then use a handheld detector. So, on the basis of carrying convenience features, a lot of people will be a small metal detection equipment define as "portable", since such, portable metal detector contains handheld metal detectors.

Jiangmen metal detector

The origin of the hand-held metal detector:

Handheld detector (Handheld metal detectors) is on the basis of the method are used to define, because the bar maybe sector of small probe method is used for holding security operations, thus is define as Handheld.

Portable include hand-held detectors:

From the above analysis, we can see, handheld metal detectors to a kind of portable, now, with technical breakthroughs and advanced technology, even the underground metal detector has been planning for portable, and can also be classified as a portable field.

Portable is a size of the metal detection instrument division, is the nature of the define a field, and hand-held metal detector to define a use method, meanwhile portable include handheld.

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