What kind of underground metal detector?

2020-06-19 276

What kind of underground metal exploration is good? The following points can refer to it

Suitable for their own is good.

The exploration depth

Exploration depth is an important origin of judge machine, but if the exploration depth is not enough, so can't exploration of underground metallic material, not to mention the other factors. The exploration depth of the metal exploration instrument practice generally do not overstep the two meters, small size machine more shallow exploration depth, such as the exploration depth of the COINS for 10 to 30 centimeters. According to the practical use, we usually use enough completely. Mostly antiques, antiques, metals are not buried too deep. If buried too deep in the metal, the general prospecting, you also hard to find it out, dig out does not necessarily is what you want. As policy deepening of exploration, the exploration precision will be falling, exploring the accuracy of below 10 cases, there is no need to go to explore. Metal exploration can exploration ten meters, eight meters, that is cheat consumers, no trust!

Jiangmen underground metal detector


Amateurs can buy several hundred yuan general exploration is good, if is a professional for archaeology, argues that the purchase price a little expensive professional underground metal exploration.

See a brand

Metal explorer with a less known and inferior brand effect is not stable, the sensitivity is very poor, positioning not jing, also cannot anti-interference, everything is undetectable. Argued that buying the big brands such as ismail of metal exploration prospecting technology is the domestic level, a lot of treasure lovers are in use.

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