Metal detectors in examination sensitivity is unqualified

2020-06-19 265

In order to better detect metal impurity, metal exploration instruments are now have higher active degree, but some users in the use process appears loose is wrong, metal detector using the sensitivity of the process is unqualified what reason be?

In order to provide qualified rate of products and the factory, the equipment has the requirement of accurate detection accuracy, especially in food, medicine, chemical, plastic and other professional use, the active degrees of metal exploration requirement is high, and these conditions is can cause equipment to detect active degree affected:

1, the metal detectors now have multiple detection methods, choose the digital dual frequency, digital single frequency, simulator and so on different ways of testing, the corresponding detecting active degree is different;

2 the size of the mouth, equipment testing different will also have an effect to loose degree, detection of mouth, the smaller the loose degree is higher; By the same token, the test items and test probe contact area is smaller, precision will be higher;

Jiangmen handheld metal detectors

3, regardless of the elements of the device itself, but also seized properties, because the product effect is one of the important factors, factors influencing metal detector adjustable as packing material water content, temperature, shape, etc. Will constitute a great influence on the product effect, this kind of condition to undertake recuperating according to different conditions on the adjustable;

4, in addition to the equipment and product elements, but also pay attention to the use of metal detectors environment, if the environment surrounding elements such as metal, magnetic, oscillations, pose is bound to be trouble for detection of devices, resulting in loose substandard conditions, it is to be avoided;

Above is for us to explain several factors affecting the metal detector sensitivity.

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