Jiangmen underground metal detector installation and test method of use

2020-06-19 267

Metal detector (underground metal detector) circuit besides scheduling potentiometer sensitivity, no adjustment part, need to welding and correct, circuit can normal operation. The machine in the static, that is, the speaker is not sound, the total current of about 10 ma, exploration to the metal speaker sound, the current up to 20 ma. A new horizon battery can work 20 to 30 hours.

New welding metal detector (underground metal detector) if you can't normal operation, the first thing to see if all the components on printed circuit boards, connection welding is wrong, then measure the battery voltage and power supply circuit is normal, zener diode VD1 safe voltage from 5.5 V to 6.5 V between, VD2 don't weld reverse polarity. Exploration plate vibration coil primary level and within the first end don't weld fault.

Jiangmen underground metal detector

Metal detector before use, the length of the pole need to adjust the exploration, just put the vinyl unscrew, push-pull glue on the length of the casing to fit, then rotate within the glue tube, make the cable around the tight, and make the handle top up, the vinyl will tighten, lock the plastic casing. So, holding the probe handle, thumb is just next to scheduling potentiometer sensitivity.

Adjust the metal detector sensitivity, exploration disc (vibration coil) to stay away from metal, including aluminum foil paper, and then rotating FINE TUNING potentiometer sensitivity knob (FINE TUNING) to turn the power switch, and rotate to the half of the bearing, scheduling coarse adjustment potentiometer knob (TUNING) again, make your speaker sound, fine-tuning FINE TUNING potentiometer again, make the speaker sound just right, the metal detector sensitivity. Exploration metal with a metal detector, just exploration disc close to any metal, the speaker will sound, away to must bearing calls automatically.

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