Metal detector door operation principle and use of knowledge

2020-06-19 247

Jiangmen metal detector door metal detector door operation principle and use of knowledge sharing:

Metal detector door operation principle:

Metal detector door by 3.5 4.95 M of sinusoidal oscillation crystals occur, by dividing frequency divider is about 7.8 K sine wave, the triode power amplifier input after door plank with coil (7) large coil electromagnetic launch, by the gate 1-6 area coil respectively. After acceptance, the acceptance to the signal and reference signal on the basis of the comparison, found that after the change, change the acquisition card output level, the CPU in 300 milliseconds for 6 location data acquisition card scanned, judge metal site location and output.

Jiangmen metal detector door

Metal detector door use areas:

(1) government departments: contains the public security bureau, procuratorate, court trial, jails, prisons, labor camps, rehabilitation centers, etc.

(2) public places: contains the gym, recreation (disco, dance halls, etc.), airports, railway stations, bus stations, ports, exhibition hall, museum, bank, oil depot, power stations, etc.

(3) the production-oriented enterprises, including the electronic (such as: chip, memory, circuit boards, hard drives, mobile phones, MP3, translation and voice recorders, electronic devices, etc.), wire and cable, electrical appliances, gold and silver ornaments, cigarettes, drugs, ink cartridges, industrial and mining, metal products, electroplating, pressure casting, plumbing equipment, precious metals (copper, aluminum, etc.) and its processing and related professional.

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