Hand-held metal detector boot right way

2020-06-19 252

Handheld metal detectors, a lot of people see is a rectangle of the machine, must be very simple, the switch is opened, with optional sweep under the two good, actually this is not scientific, serious and may bring dangerous goods into public places, and cause a serious security hidden danger, the gen DaCheng below small make up to our handheld metal detectors right boot method and skill!

Before using handheld metal detectors, we should check the machine first whether there are abnormal

Method 1: pick up the hand-held metal detector silently shaking, listen to whether there are abnormal noise

Method 2: opens the hand-held metal detector grip of battery box, mount of form a complete set of batteries, note: batteries are commonly manufacturer distribution, the battery is divided into two disposable batteries and rechargeable batteries)

Handheld metal detectors measure 3: general switch in the handle, open switch, generally can be divided into three gear, some are only a start up and shut down keys, detect whether light lights up, took out ready beforehand one yuan coin, never from the point of view, different interval testing hand-held metal detector is working correctly, testing machine under the normal use let's formal use

Jiangmen handheld metal detectors

Handheld metal detectors on skills

Operators use: white background seize the machine handle, press the key, on the right side (up), see if hand-held metal detector signal light is green, green is normal, red metal, continuous long rang is something wrong with machine.

Hand-held metal detector with skill

When we prepare to use handheld metal detectors, press the switch, the machine will have slight vibration and noise, detecting light, took out the one yuan coin, measured detectable intervals, the up and down or so back and back and forth, to ensure that the machines normal sensitivity, prepare ready can mount guard operation, testing items and personnel, hand shake hands handle, back and forth in the human body scanning, make sure there are no dangerous goods, see the end of the work, should be timely shutdown charging, prepare for the next security!

Security is about the personal safety, abide by security personnel organization, everybody is responsible for, we should cooperation security personnel test!

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