Different metal detectors have different USES

2020-06-19 281

Handheld metal exploration. Handheld metal exploration can be applied to the airport and workshop, the public security of terminal, also applied in the Chinese market in recent years, avoid students cheating in the exams. For the college entrance examination;

2. The underground metal exploration. Underground metal exploration early application in military demining and exploration in archaeological relics, underground metal explorer now first used in the exploration of metal materials, is now often used in the excavation of the scrap metal exploration;

3. The transport type metal exploration. Transport type metal exploration is first used to detect the relatively small size of the product, and small bags and cases of industrial products. Used in food, medicine and other industries of iron metal and nonferrous metal impurity detection and chemical raw materials of metal impurity detection;

4. The whereabouts of type metal exploration. Whereabouts type metal exploration is first used as granular and powdered products such as drug testing. When these items via the whereabouts of type metal exploration, once found metal impurity, system start immediately separation mechanism sweep suspicious objects;

Jiangmen handheld metal detectors

5. Pipeline metal exploration. Pipeline metal exploration: first to detect paste and seal pipe assembly line. Convenient detection of metal impurity in the pipeline;

6. Vacuum transporting type metal exploration: vacuum transporting type metal exploration, first used in the chemical industry, this kind of product to use the environment request is higher, is suitable for the requirements on high vacuum production line;

7. Transport pressure type metal exploration. Pressure type metal explorer first for shipping lines, the product high pollution requirements, such as soy sauce, cooking oil production enterprises of liquid or viscous things in front of the canned or encapsulation testing;

8. Plate type metal exploration: plate type is used to detect sheet metal exploration, thinner filaments, and other products.

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