A metal detector to detect depth related to what?

2020-06-19 255

1, with the agent of metal

All the exploration depth of the metal exploration instrument to be agent of metal has a lot of contact area, shape, weight, generally speaking, the area is larger, the more the number, the corresponding exploration depth is larger; On the contrary, the smaller area, the less the number, the smaller the corresponding depth. Is the target depth, according to the product of the industrial norm in the case of can reach large depth.

2, related to the soil

The depth of the soil under the condition of different exploration will also vary, such as the soil is wet density is bigger, and so on situation may weaken by the signal strength of the metal then drop the exploration depth of the instrument.

3, related to the buried metal moment

Metal buried age will make exploration under the condition of far effect improved. Metal buried age more far deeper exploration depth. Because of long time buried metal will gradually oxidation and rust of the metal spreading around and surrounding soil reaction, to produce the strong magnetic field, increase the area of the metal, also increase the signal strength. The greater the longer time the signal strength, the depth of exploration will be more deep! In addition, in low power, transmission power will attenuation under the condition of lack of exploration depth, in this case, please replace the battery in time.

Jiangmen metal detector

4, related to the intrusive shape of the metal

Policy basis, the same environment, policy, the greater the volume signal the greater the range, the deeper exploration, conversely, the more shallow. Policy, the shape of a flat of the coin in general than a long wire to the deep exploration depth, the larger the cross-sectional area, the deeper exploration.

5, skills, and experience

Skills and experience, if is new, the same metal exploration, the same policy, have experienced veteran affirmation to exploration of the deeper, more precise. The same metal exploration, not the same as the operator, the effect is also different, if you want to pursue a greater depth, in addition to have a good performance of metal exploration, practice, and constantly gathering experience and have some patience.

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