Jiangmen metal detector to detect the operation process

2020-06-19 257

1, ensure that jiangmen metal detector unit stable and reliable.

2, ensure that no metal objects near the exploration head, exploration on the head without sundry.

3, ensure exploration hole without sundry.

4, ensure reliable power supply cord touch, grounding is good.

5, ensure no disturbing sources around the equipment.

Jiangmen metal detector

6, register the main power switch, then preliminary active balancing machine calibration and self-checking, two rows of indicator, then gradually cease, lights work conditions

7, in the two channel signal light is no more than 2-3 green sparkle, can preliminary tests.

8, select the product serial number (debug products materials recorded when the effect of "product options" number).

9, press the "start" button, conveyor belt, the preliminary work, will test piece in the belt inspection sensitivity to admit machine work well.

10, the detection of light products on the conveyor belt for testing.

11, admitted that the detection sensitivity, again to ensure the detection sensitivity can meet the practice demand.

12, initial water test.

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