The use of jiangmen metal detector door matters needing attention

2020-06-19 258

Matters needing attention

Type 1, in addition to the rain outside my torso, other types of security can't get wet in the rain, dew the use is necessary to the canopy.

2, my torso is around 1 meter to large metal objects, such as iron gate, elevators, large iron column.

3, my torso installation fixed and reliable, it is necessary to avoid strong breeze caused body shaking or knock against.

4, away from will produce magnetic field of the object, such as distribution box, electrical equipment, etc.

Jiangmen metal detector door

After a prescribed

1, line up in turn after, cannot congestion, not mean to go slow.

2, no alarm, the former two people out of the door one can pass; After the alarm, the alarm shall suspend, can pass.

3, after a period can't knock against the door.

4, after a period of door plank of the lateral cannot have metal objects are passed by.


1, the door body surface stains can use wet cloth to wipe.

2, oil stains and difficult to clean up the days that water, alcohol, wipe machine is wiped.

3, need to shut down more than 2 hours a day, to prevent overheating and reduce the performance of long time operation components.

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