A metal detectors for security door will affect pregnant women?

2020-06-19 264

According to my torso radiation

Any electronic products have a certain amount of electromagnetic radiation. Let's also exist around very much electromagnetic radiation. Such as radio, television, mobile phone towers, high tension line, computer, TV, microwave ovens, induction cooker, mobile phone and so on.

Related to some electronic products, security of electromagnetic radiation is very low, the vast majority of my torso with weak magnetic field induction skills, small power, rather than our usual phone calls, a lot of times, the radiation also than let's computer screen radiation is also small.

Jiangmen metal detector door

The security of harmful pregnant mother

There is no doubt that radiation ionizing radiation does damage to human body, it depends on the size of a radiation dose, radiation time and the cumulative amount of radiation. If the dose is not large, almost no damage, even if short-term biological effects may occur, the human body can repair itself, the damage is very small; If the dose is too big, can damage cell genes, all sorts of biological effects, and as the radiation to add, damage increased.

International commission on radiological argues that the public for any job and living a year of radiation dose should be 1 MSV or less (radiation), radiation professional average within five years < 20 MSV.

So far, there is no medical security reports of adverse effects on the pregnant mother and the fetus. At the same time, security equipment radiation value actually is very low, the impact on the body was close to zero. Therefore, pregnant mother past security equipment will not happen for babies in the internal influence and damage.

Through the understanding, although my torso has radiation, radiation is very small, but will not cause any adverse effects to the human body. Pregnant mothers are completely can need not worry about my torso whammy effect to the fetus.

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